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            產品列表 Product List
            熱門新聞 Hot News
            Steel mesh skeleton plastic composite pipe, also known as "steel wire pipe, SRTP tube , tube stscp , SPE tubes", it is using the positive and negative direction spiral winding in a pipe distribution of high strength steel reinforced skeleton,the outer layer wite a high density poly ethylene as matrix,and through the hot melt adhesive compound by continuous extrusion forming of new environmental-friednly pipe.It not only retains the excellent performance of the steel pipe,but also retains the good sanitary performance of the plastic pipe and easy to lay ,reliable connection,long service life and so on.Not only applicable to the municipal and building water supply and drainage,fire and gas transmission, but also can be used in a large number of chemical , petroleum,medicine,etc..

            產品特點 Characteristic
            > 使用壽命長、在標準善下,可安全使用幾十年;
            > 抗蠕變性能好,持久機械強度高;
            > 耐溫性能好;
            > 內壁光滑且管壁不結垢,輸送介質阻力小,相同內徑輸水比鋼管可提高“30%”的流通量;
            > 雙面防腐;
            > 自示蹤性好;
            > 好的耐磨性,其耐磨性是鋼管的四倍;
            > 好的韌性、可擾曲,具有好的施工性能和較低的施工成本。
            > Long service life, under the standard is good, can be used safely for decades;
            > Creep resistance can be good, lasting high mechanical strength;
            > Good temensional resistance;
            > The dimensional stability of rigid ,good impact resistance , good , moderate and flexible move among force and soft;
            > The inner wall is smooth and the pipe wall is not dirty , and the conveying medium resistance is small , and the same inner diameter water transmisson ratio steel pipe can improve the circulation of the “30%”;
            > Double faced corrosion protection;
            > Self tracting;
            > Excellent wear resistance, and its wear resistance is four times of the steel tube;
            > Excellent toughness , even if serious deformation of the pipeline is also very difficult to back , so its seismic performance is very good;
            > The pipe is light and can be disturbed , which has excellent construction performance and low construction cost.

            產品結構 structure
            Composite pipe is positive and reverse direction of the spiral winding high wire distribution in a pipe enhanced framework , using high density polyethlence as basic material , modified polyethylene resin adhesive with high performance . In the production line by continuous , time extrusion molding compound . The connection strength of the pipeline is the same as that of the pipe itself.
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